The Angular CLI is a command line interface for Angular which you can use to create a basic working application, generate components, routes, services and pipes with a simple command.

Getting started

To install Angular CLI in your computer you can run npm install -g @angular/cli. Once installed, you can create a new app by running ng new my-app.

The structure of the new project should look something like this:

├── angular-cli.json
├── e2e …
├── karma.conf.js
├── node_modules …
├── package.json
├── protractor.conf.js
├── src …
└── tslint.json

Using your new app

To start your Angular project, run ng serve from inside the project folder. This will run a local server at http://localhost:4200 and it will also watch for changes in your project and refresh the page automatically.

If you want to create a new component in Angular, you can use the ng generate command. For example ng generate component path/component-name. You can use the same command to generate routes, pipes, services and directives aswell. A full list of commands can be found here.