2019 ui design trends

I think 2019 will be a really exciting year for the UI/UX Design industry. We will see more designers getting involved in technologies such as machine learning, VR (virtual reality) or VUI (voice user interfaces). Here are some design trends I think we will see in 2019.


You can expect to see many websites with text-based designs, bold headers and buttons being replaced by links which will make the websites more mobile-friendly and load faster.

Simple layouts

The usage of mobile devices is increasing every year and is important to make your website mobile-friendly. The simple layouts trend became popular in 2017 and I expect this to continue for the next few years. Websites will contain less flashy UI elements which distracts the users but instead they will contain interactive animations or chatbots.

More animations

Now that browsers can handle animations a lot better than few years ago, expect to see an increase in the use of animations. The difference is that animations will be more subtle and more useful having less flashy elements which will contribute to a better user experience.

SVG will be the King

We will see less and less PNGs, JPGs or GIFs. In the modern world it is important to use high quality graphics which are easy to scale without compromising on quality. That’s why I think this format will continue to gain popularity in 2019.

Geometric shapes

Using geometric shapes such as lines, circles or patterns can be combined very well with flat design. This is not a new trend. In fact this trend started in 2016 and became popular in 2017. I expect this to continue becoming more popular in 2019.