My design process

My design process consists of one or multiple iterations through the following 6 stages:

1. Strategy

This first stage contains the following 3 sections:

  • The problem that needs to be solved
  • The context which includes the company value and long-term constrains, the project scope and timeline
  • The outcome which includes the goals, objectives and success measuring

2. Research

At this stage I collect data using techniques such as:

  • competitor analysis
  • stakeholder interviews, user interviews and surveys
  • analysing existing business reports such as: customer care, sales, analytics, marketing etc
  • expert reviews (usability and cross-channel user experience)
  • content and features inventory

3. Analysis

After I collect all the data I need during the Research phase, I turn everything into useful insights which I can use later in the process when I’m creating personas, scenarios, experience map, user roles and use cases. This process will help to better understand how, why and who will be using the product.

4. Architecture

Based on the gathered insights from the previous phase, I will create a scalable and robust structure that will satisfy both the user and business needs. At this phase I build the workflow diagrams, sitemaps, information architecture and functional specifications.

5. Design

At this phase, things are more clear and all the pieces begin to fit into place. Now I start designing, testing and refining different interface and interaction ideas which includes paper sketches, wireframes and interactive prototypes.

6. Validation

Validation is present throughout my entire process. My design process is always user-centered and collaborative and validating my assumptions is a very important phase.

For validation I use techniques such as:

  • focus groups
  • split testing (A/B testing)
  • tree testing
  • heat-maps


Front-end Engineer & Designer based in Dublin currently working @IBM.
I write about: Javascript, HTML, CSS, React JS, React Native and UI/UX Design.

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