Ignite CLI for React Native

react native ignite cli

If you came across this post, I’m sure you already know what is React Native. Starting a new app from scratch takes a lot of time. Fortunately there are many tools available to help you kick-start a new React Native project. One example is the Ignite CLI

Why I like the Ignite CLI?

  1. It only takes a couple of seconds to install.
  2. Creating a new app is very easy and it has a really nice default boilerplate.
  3. There are many boilerplates to choose from with modern best-practices baked right in, or you can just start your own.
  4. Because this is a developer tool and not a library you have to depend on, it will make your life easier and help you avoid the dependency hell.
  5. Very good documentation with a powerful but well-defined behavior on the command-line.


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